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Purchase Process

Note: Please register a Gamenthus account before purchasing

The following is a detailed shopping process:

1. Select products, select and confirm the products to be recharged, the face value to be purchased, and the correct purchase quantity, and add them to the shopping cart.

2. Confirm submitting the order.

3. The page will automatically redirect to the registration login page and register the login account.

4. Fill in the correct account information to register or log in. Please note that the email address must be filled in with a true and valid email address to ensure that the redemption code can be received.

5. Carefully read the refund policy and privacy policy to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

6. Enter your bank or credit card number, Card Expiry Date, and Card Security Code (CVV2),Confirm Payment.

7. Waiting for shipment and going to your reserved email for acceptance.

8. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact online customer service for resolution.